Monday, 6 November 2017

Vegan Gang Taking Over Phuket Vegetarian Festival

And we're back for another episode of Vegan Food Adventure In Phuket!

This year, Phuket Vegetarian Festival went on from the 20th to 28th of October. I arrived on the 22nd - an interesting arrival πŸ˜… , which I talked about in my last post here.

First Phuket post was mainly storytelling. This post right here, however, is all about food-telling πŸ˜‹

Phuket Vegetarian Festival is also known as Nine Emperor Gods Festival. This is a nine-day Taoist celebration by local Chinese communities in Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

This was my first time attending the festival. With all the good things I'd heard about it prior my visit, I was excited and beyond! Not to mention, I finally reunited with my vegan friends, Jojo (Vegan in Brighton) and Nick! And you know what us vegans are specialised in: EATING good food πŸ™Œ

Phuket Vegetarian Festival is actually the first veg fest I ever attended! How fucking sad is that! When I was still in England, the whole veg scene was still quite modest. As soon as I left, the shit is blooming, especially the past 1-2 years πŸ˜‘

Anyway, let's get back to my trip. This year, the festival was scaled down as the nation was still mourning the death of their King. The funeral was on one of the days we were there as well. A smaller scale doesn't mean it's not a great festival. Quite the contrary, as this VGang stuffed our face with LOTS of food! 😎

Just sitting in the dark eating the best vegan food, you know, just living the best vegan life πŸ‘½

I'm gonna come at this post differently. Let's have a little category thing going on. You know, mix it up a bit. I got this post idea from Nick actually. It was a conversation we were having the last evening when we were at Torry's devouring all the ice cream. Hence, thank you for giving me a neat idea for my blog post, Nick! πŸ˜„

FYI, the food market commenced along Ranong St.

πŸ”₯  Favourite drink: Thai iced tea 🍹
This trip got me hooked on this Thai iced tea grind. Find the best vegan Thai iced tea at Phuketique coffee bar (click here for direction). Once we found this place, it became our hangout spot every afternoon after lunch. Yeah, we definitely did this vacay right - all about chillaxing and eating all the food ❤

The tea was sooo refreshing! I'm not usually into sweet thing, but damn, I could drink this everyday if given the chance. They have soy milk and rice milk in their menu, so they can most definitely make you vegan drinks - Thai iced tea or your favourite coffee - all year round πŸ˜€

Phuketique served your drinks in a huge glass, too!

πŸ”₯  Market's standouts: Mock meat sticks + Takoyaki balls
Let's just say, this VGang was quite obsessed with these  grilled "meat" sticks - some kinda sweet syrup/sugar and sesame seeds glazed the outside. It reminded me of a Vietnamese dish "bΓΊn chαΊ£" which is grilled meat served with special fish sauce and bΓΊn (rice vermicelli). Oh, try this in a sandwich, too. You will not regret it. Get bread from 7 Eleven or Family Mart and stuff the meat in there πŸ‘…

Another favourite of mine from the market is vegan Takoyaki balls. Warm savoury mushroom balls with seaweed flaked sprinkled on top are another can't-miss eat at the market. The dough is warm and soft - a little sticky as there might be some rice flour in there.

πŸ”₯  Luscious cake: Pineapple cake 🍰
A sponge cake, once in awhile, sure is a way to a gal's heart. This cake (also from Phuketique πŸ’™ ) had a layer of strawberry or some kind of berry jam, then came a layer of pineapple jam 🍍  The cake was covered in coconut flakes - and who doesn't like coconut, amirite? I don't know, I just really liked this cake! It's not too sweet, which is always a winning point to me when it comes to desserts. I was having an iced latte macchiato that day. Perfect combo!

πŸ”₯  Invigorating ice-cream flavour: Raumit 🍨
You will not want to miss Torry's Ice Cream if you're in Phuket City. Finest homemade ice-cream in in town! Ice-cream making is a craft and they've mastered it. I loved all the flavours I tried when I was there, but my ultimate favourite has to be Raumit (coconut milk + jackfruit) - the white ice-cream scoop in the photo. It's sweet because of the robust jackfruit, plus so smooth and creamy due to to the coconut milk 🌴  You can't get a more tropical feel than this!

Strawberry sorbet + Sweet potato (I think it's taro) + Raumit (coconut milk+jackfruit) πŸ’›
After checking out Torry's website, it seems that they always have vegan ice-cream, not just during the festival, so there you go, pay them a visit! Their shop is stunning as well, very fancy-looking πŸ’–  And I absolutely adore the staff - they were so friendly 😊  On our second visit, they even surprised us with free ice-cream - FIVE mini scoops of FIVE different flavours I may add! The love is real πŸ’š

πŸ”₯  Mock meat lunch extravaganza πŸ’ƒ
Usually we only went to the market (on Ranong St.) in the evening as there were more food vendors then. However, we did check it out once for lunch, and boy, I'm glad we did because we had the best buffet-style lunch ever! So much mock meat to choose from. Feast your eyes on this, my friends hehe 🌝

You know I'm cool with negativity - hell, I embrace the shit - but don't come at me with your anti-mock meat bullshit. Not your thing? Move along, dear. More food for me, so I ain't complaining.

This was a proper eatery with seating, so yes, you can enjoy your food with cool breeze from the fan and not having to eat under scotching sun outside in the middle of the day 🌞

πŸ”₯  Convenient shop goody: Family Mart sandwiches
The rad thing about this Phuket veg fest is its inclusiveness. Convenient shops, like 7 Eleven and Family Mart, during this special occasion, roll out a bunch of vegan products. While 7 Eleven did have a bunch of good stuff, particularly in the baking section. I have to give this win to the sandwiches from Family Mart. My favourite was Shittake with Black Pepper and Coleslaw sandwich (left) - eating it as a double decker sandwich to savour all the goodness of both πŸ’ž  The other sandwich (right) was Roasted Pork and Shittake, also good, but a tad too sweet to be my favourite.

I know, from now on, Phuket Vegetarian Festival is where I'll be at annually hehe πŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy this post 😸

*All photos are mine*

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  1. Hell yeah! VGang! Strong blog post idea too, I may steal it. I was just starting to put mine together and thinking that 30+ photos is WAY too many for one post!

    1. Haha yeah, I still have so many photos I want to post. I'll probably have to write another post