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Vegan in Ho Chi Minh City: Veg Lunch Delivery Pt. 1

Long time no blog, I try to at least have one post up every month, so here I am in August.

I started interning for an online magazine right now - don't ask, it's meh. Anyway, working means I need to think about lunch. I can cook and bring my own lunch, but who am I kidding? I'm lazy AF. Not to mention cooking for my own lonesome self isn't worth the effort - yes, I seriously lack motivation. I mean I do cook once in awhile, but not all the time.

Thus since bringing my own lunch is often out of the equation, I have found some places that deliver veggie food. Time to share!

View from my flat. Pretty neat, eh?

I think this will be particularly helpful for veg*ns working in Vietnam as not all office have veggie eateries nearby. Therefore, you are left with two choices: bringing your own lunch, and ordering food delivery. I'm going to help you out with the second option. Also, should your non-veggie coworkers, or anyone really, wanna try delish vegan food, you have a few suggestions to offer ❤

1. Măng's Mania

Photo from Măng's Mania Facebook page

Măng's Mania delivers vegan food to your doorstep on weekdays (Monday-Friday). Quality vegan Vietnamese food. The menu is changed weekly with a variety of rice and noodle soup dishes. I have ordered from them several times already and can attest that their food is delicious and wholesome. They also sell non-GMO tofu. Occasionally, they also deliver on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday, usually the latter.

English menu

Price is a bit higher than regular office lunch. To be honest, I don't mind paying a little above average for good food. However, keep in mind that I'm talking about Vietnam here, and more specifically in Saigon. It's probably still cheap compared to England or the US. Their food has a flat rate of VND 60,000, then you have two choices of beverages between plant-based milk and fresh juice or kombucha with price range VND 30,000 - 48,000. There's a shipping fee as well, which varies depending where you are in the city. For example, the shipping fee for District 1 is VND 15,000. Thus, the minimum final bill for someone in District 1 will be VND 105,000.

Your delivery! 💁

Brown rice + boiled green beans + Vietnamese veggie "fishcakes" with tomato sauce + soup (not featured)

Drinks are delivered in glass bottle, and food in tupperware so you can return them to the delivery man on your next order, which also knocks a couple thousands of Dong off your bill. I have inquired Măng's Mania about a more enviromentally friendly food container, they informed me that I could give them my lunchbox so they could put food in that instead. If you choose to give your own lunchbox, I think it makes sense that you give them two as they need to change it up for your next order. If you don't want to use disposable cutlery, let them know when placing your order.

*Order options: by day or week.

  • If by day, then place your order by 20:30 a day in advance.
  • Three options if order a full week (5 days): Meal set with Small mylk / Big mylk / juice. A week of food with Small mylk is often the cheapest. Remember to order a day in advance. If you place a week order for an address in District 1, you're entitled to free shipping.

Order via Facebook Messenger or fill in this form or call Măng's Mania directly +84(0) 915 799 733. The order form is in Vietnamese, so sending them a message on Facebook is a safer bet. Menu is usually in Vietnamese.

*UPDATE (25/08/2017): Changed out the Vietnamese menu for English one. First time I notice they have an English menu actually.
*UPDATE (30/08/2017): Added order options.

2. Bánh Năm

If you ask anybody who's not Vietnamese about what Vietnamese food they know, obviously, the answer is going to be either phở or bánh mì or both. Well, here I am bringing you one of my nation's food representatives. Personally, I seriously still don't get how banh mi garners as much attention as it does. The thing is pretty basic, innit?

Anyhow, continuing my food quest, I found Bánh Năm, which offers veggie banh mi. Their shop is at this address25A/1 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1. However, I discovered them on a food ordering website I love carbs, so stumbling upon this place is pure joy. There's usually a minimum order and shipping cost if you use Vietnammm website, so for Bánh Năm, it's VND 50,000 and VND 15,000 respectively. Find this shop under 'Banh mi & Sticky Rice' on the site.

Screenshot of Banh Nam page on

Their vegetarian option is Signature Tofu Banh Mi, which includes vegetarian pâté ❌ , fried tofu ❌ , shredded tofu and mushrooms ✅ , pickled vegetables ✅ , cucumber ✅ , and coriander ✅ . Price for one banh mi is VND 29,000 (about a dollar or a little over a quid - damn, never thought there'd be a time when the value of GBP is so close to USD). You can also order this as a combo called The B5 Vegetarian Energiser, which comes with one drink of your choosing, with the price of VND 49,000.

Or of course, you can choose to Build Your Own Banh Mi, which is what I usually order. I only got the Signature Tofu banh mi once because that time, their veggie pate tasted as though it contained cheese (the triangle type, you know?).

I'm an extremely skeptical person, so after that time, I have yet to order it again. I've contacted Bánh Năm to ask what's in their pâté. My vegan instinct was right - well sort of - it's not cheese, but butter in the pâté. I grilled them some more about the fillings, and it turns out the batter mix for fried tofu contains eggs... I've ordered several times with note saying I don't eat eggs, and just to learn of this now FFS! 😒  So, there you go, order WITHOUT veggie pâté and fried tofu.

My verdict on their banh mi: not great or amazing, but it does its job for a quick meal that is. Plus, their baguette (no egg or dairy, I asked) always comes warm and crispy! Bloody fried tofu with eggs though 😤  Their kumquat drink is tasty. I don't know why but their soy milk tastes like it has dairy, so after two sips, I gave it to my coworker.

💥 Lesson: Always ALWAYS ask what's in your food, fellow vegans although incidents like this still happen sometimes despite me asking. I also end up feeling shitty about myself 💔

This is Part 1 of vegan food delivery, so stay tuned for more 😸  I'll find and eat more food in the name of research for you guys hehe.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

*All photos are mine (except for two from Mang's Mania Facebook page)*

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