Thursday, 20 April 2017

Moved In!

As you have noticed, there was a month-long gap between the last post and the one before it. My apology, especially when I've been trying to write more often. Oops. Things have been a little busy lately as I moved into my new apartment over a month ago! This means a whole lot of cooking and baking is going to take place from now on!

Before moving to this apartment, I had been staying at my uncle's, where I did not have to do any cooking because my grandmother, and my uncle's partner were in charge of this department - my uncle, too, actually, but more on the weekend when he would be off work. My uncle's partner is an excellent cook. He cooked me so much great veggie stuff. Moving out means no more ready-made meal, however, also means I can finally get back to my cooking and baking game. It's been sooo long! Oh, and by the way, where I live is less than 10 minute walk to my uncle's haha, so basically, when my laziness kicks in, I still have a safe place to find food. Convenient! 😜

And... a day after I moved in, someone special came to visit, so yay to me because I had a sous chef for a little while! Here are some of the stuff we made.

Pajeon aka Korean green onion pancakes, and sautéed squash with maple syrup glaze on the side. I was in charge of the pancakes because I do love pajeon and have made them quite a lot. In a separate bowl is dipping sauce.

Falafels, my friends, are a pain to make. The mixture is real easy to whip up, especially if you own a food processor, which I don't, but I do intend to invest in one to make things easier in the future. However, the real struggle is when you fry the falafels. Oh, boy! We spent hours making these. So hard to find a right heat temperature. We managed in the end, but my kitchen was a mess when we finished. Plus, the oily smell from frying stuck around my flat the whole day. Therefore, my advice to you is: bake the damn falafels, don't fry them. (a) You save oil; (b) Less oil is good for ya; and (c) You don't get burned by hot oil flying off the frying pan. Eating felt like a chore after we were done with these falafels because we were so exhausted haha.

Baked peanut butter cookies, my favourite thing to bake always. I even added chocolate chips to them this time.

PIZZA! 🍕🍕🍕 Well, I was a supervisor during most of the making process because I wanted to let my sous chef make it this time. It turned out so well! We even marinated some seitan slices to put on top. Vegan cheese used was Trader Joe's Vegan Mozzarella Cheese - yep, my sous chef brought it all the way back from America for me haha. The cheese was fine. I liked it. Personally, I'm not at all fussed about vegan cheese because even before going vegan, cheese had always been optional. I made vegan pizzas a few times back when I was in England. I had access to vegan cheese then, but never put them on my pizzas. Still tasted great. People need to chill about how they can't live without cheese bullshit.

*NOTE* Trader Joe's Almond Mozzarella Style Shreds Cheese Alternative is NOT vegan 🙅  My boyfriend bought it by mistake because seriously, the label is extremely misleading! He's an omni and made an effort to be vegan when staying with me. And as a vegan, it's become a natural instinct for me to check ingredients, but I forgot to tell him to do the same.

And this here is Corn and Basil Chowder from Thug Kitchen cookbook. Except for we used all the fresh basil leaves for the pizza, so 😛  This was probably my first time making soup. It tasted great though it could have been creamier if we added another potato to the mix.

Remember these are just a few dishes we made, but I wouldn't want to spam you all, so check on my Instagram for some more.

I also took him to several veggie restaurants, so he could experience my vegan life, which consists of so much divine food hehe. Some places I've already written about, such as Pi Vegetarian Restaurant, Bông Súng Vegetarian Restaurant, Quán Lức Khai Minh, Đóa Sen Vàng, and Prem Bistro. I'll write about other eateries soon.

By the way, get on this. This sauce is banging!

Thank you for reading! I will try to post more regularly, but things may also start getting a bit more busy from now on, so please bear with me. Oh, and since I have my own place now, if you're a vegan visiting HCMC, and need a place to crash or something, hit me up through email. If my guest bedroom is not occupied, then you're welcome to stay 😺

*All photos are mine*

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  1. Yay! I'm excited that you've moved into a new place and now you can get cooking and baking again. Your PB cookies look super perfect.

    1. Haha yeah, but I still wanna get out of here though. I'd much rather be travelling instead haha