Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Vegan in Hanoi: Minh Chay is THE Shit!

I've been hanging around in Hanoi for almost three weeks haha. Why? Because I left my job in Saigon, so why not go home to chill for a bit?

Chilling can't do without some fine food. Therefore, I found Minh Chay, another all-vegan restaurant in Hanoi! Shieetttt, what is up?! My city's vegan game is getting strong!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Vegan in Hanoi: Eat Up!

Alrighty, I covered Ưu Đàm Chay, let's go straight to it and review the two other restaurants: Jalus Vegan Kitchen & Cafe and Aummee.

My little Hanoi

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Post about Nothing: Louie Takes the Stage

Jerry and George did a show about nothing, well, I'm bored. Plus, my head hasn't been right recently, but then again, has it ever? Therefore, here's some nothing for ya.

A quote from Louis C.K.: "You have to be stupid. That's what optimistic means, you know? An optimist is someone who goes, 'Hey, maybe something nice will happen!' Why the fuck would anything nice ever happen?! What are you stupid?!"

This is a quote from his stand-up special "Hilarious". Louis C.K. is definitely one of the best stand-up comedians today. Check him out. You won't regret it.

About optimism, I'm not the most optimistic person you'll find. I'd like to keep my expectation low, so if all goes to shit, I don't feel too bad. However, when things somehow go well, the feelings are pretty damn good.

I might do more posts about nothing.

Okay, that is all. Over and out.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Vegan in Hanoi: Some New Vegan Eatery Finds In Hanoi

I was bored of Ho Chi Minh City, so decided to book a flight home to Hanoi for some chilled time with my family and friends over the weekend. And ain't no trip of mine anywhere is going to not involve good food :)

This time around, instead of eating at the same veggie restaurants I've alway been to, I checked out few new places:

(a) Ưu Đàm Chay
(b) Jalus Vegan Kitchen & Café
(c) Aummee

Let's take it easy and discuss one place at a time. First stop: Ưu Đàm Chay.