Friday, 24 July 2015

*UPDATE (27/07)* [VAW] Dog rescue: Similar Case to Lucky but in Hanoi

More Vietnam Animal Welfare news.

Yesterday while I was reading about Lucky on Facebook, I saw people share a post saying that they saw a dog with mouth being taped shut in Hanoi. This is probably another case of escaping from the dog meat trade. I read that dog thieves and people in dog meat trade often tape the dogs mouths shut to keep them from biting and barking.

[WARNING: This post contains disturbing and upsetting images though I do hope you will continue reading to know and understand the truth]

*UPDATE (21/08)* [VAW] Dog Rescue: 'Lucky'

VAW = Vietnam Animal Welfare

It is for certain that there is no official law regarding animal welfare in Vietnam, which of course, maybe in the future this will no longer be case (read more) However, all is not lost since in recent years, there have been some animal shelters and/or rescue centre run by animal lovers popping up in main cities of Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

I didn't even know they existed till recently, particularly since I rarely use Facebook (the only reason I keep my facebook is to use its Messenger), which is the main social network these rescue centres use. Therefore, from now on, I will check their pages more regularly to update news about rescue on my blog. Links to their Facebook pages can be found at the end of this post. However, since most of the time, their posts are in Vietnamese, so I'll be the middle man to summarise what is happening to you.

This post is first of VAW news.

[WARNING: this post contains disturbing images, but to learn the truth, I hope you will continue reading]

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Opinions: Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Another Yulin Dog Meat festival has come and gone. It is a horrible event, isn't it? It involves the slaughtering of thousands of dogs, many of which are stolen. It's a 'festival' which only started in 2010.

This 'festival' has garnered a lot of attention worldwide this recent years - medias publishing articles after articles about it; celebrities asking the Chinese authorities to put a stop to this event; and thousands of people signing petitions and condemning Yulin Dog Meat festival. And it's all well and good because there is absolutely nothing to like about this so-called 'festival' - the word 'festival' being stick to this event makes me sick.

However, I'd like to voice my opinions about a few things.