Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Back to Hanoi, Vietnam

Well, I finished my undergraduate degree in the UK and am now back in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Empty room
To be honest, I do not want to leave England because I've been there for probably five years and I'm used to living on my own. However, since I stupidly chose a degree that I did not enjoy, I do not want to get stuck in a job I hate. Therefore, I left. Sure, I am sad to leave, but I know I will be back and that this is not the end of world to leave for now.

"I'll be back"

My dream job is to work with animals, so I decide to go back to Vietnam first, then will figure something out. My plan is to do volunteer as much as possible to get experience, then apply for animal jobs that way. Maybe even study some online courses about animal care because why not.

Moreover, Vietnam is one of many developing countries (sometimes even developed countries) that lacks animal welfare severely. The concept of animal rights probably does not even exist or seem familiar to any Vietnamese. I am Vietnamese myself, so I know. Thus, I would like to do something about this, either by promoting the vegan lifestyle or protesting against circuses or fighting for the rights of dogs and cats.

Honestly, I do not know what to do to help and to achieve what I hope to achieve, but I know that I must do something. I hope this post will be read by many fellow vegans as well as vegetarians - especially if you are Vietnamese and vegan like myself - so that maybe you can help me think of ways to help the animals in Vietnam.

Let's all vegans and vegetarians unite!


  1. I stumble across your post just now while looking for a job for animals lover. I wonder if you have found the job you love?

    1. Unfortunately, no. A bit hard finding one here in Vietnam.