Sunday, 23 February 2014

Never miss your breakfast. Go big on it!

So.. here I am again after a long long time without any post at all. I do apologise. I don't even have any valid reason, either haha. Blogging takes time and I'm anything but patient. Sorry, I'll try my best to keep this blog going.

Anyway, let's start with the bloggin!

Well, I'm studying in England at the moment. Already in my third and final year meaning that I only have a few months left in this country. Super duper upsetting! >.< Oh well, it's all my fault for suddenly wanting to change.. actually, not change but rather do what I've always dreamed and wanted.

Okay, so while in England, what should you choose for breakfast? Silly question! Of course, full English breakfast (duh!). Sure, it can be heavy, but seriously, it tastes so good, so who cares if it's heavy. Plus, you will stay full for longer which is totally a good thing ;) Yep, full vegan breakfast I'm talking about here.

Now, the question is where???
  • Well, first location, at home! 
Cook something up :) It's always worth it!